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Create 3 column layout in Ebizon Redfire

Ebizon Redfire is an elegant single column theme for Drupal 6. . In this article I will show how we can customize nad make it a three column theme Its very simple and for that we will need to make changes to our page.tpl.php and style.css. Changing Page.tpl.php Look for following text in the page.tpl file <?php print $content;?> This is the main content are. We will paste our left block above this region. Use the following code <?php print $left;?>

Theming table views in Drupal

While using the views module yesterday, I cam across the need to theme the table view output. After some googling I found this link : . Bascially there are two ways to go about theming a table view. 1) By adding a custom function in template.php 2) Using style.css in your theme folder. For more detials check out the link above  

How to Drupal theme: Tutorial

Drupal is a powerful CMS and has a powerful templating system that keeps the Drupal theming intact and flexible. We can easily design Drupal themes from HTML/CSS that we create. I would try to go step by step on how to create drupal themes from HTML/CSS for Drupal. Step 1: Learn HTML and CSS. Step 2: Create a design in HTML/CSS.