PHP Tutorial

PHP is a scripting language often used for web-development. It is often used for server side development and is used for creating fast, efficient, dynamic and interactive websites.

PHP is easy to learn and use. And is freely available. It is the main and favorite language of lot of open source projects especially for web-development. Its syntax is very much similar to perl and C and is often used with Apache (web-server) and Mysql (database). The combination of Apache, PHP and Mysql is available as a stack in an open source tool called LAMPP and is used world wide for web-application developments, including a lot of commercial applications.

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Getting started with Php - Basics

What is PHP?
• PHP is short for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor – it allows you
to write short programs inside your HTML web pages that
are executed as the user asks for the page.
• PHP is simple and easy to learn, and incredibly powerful.
• PHP is used on many websites across the world.

How canI use PHP?
• I t is more easy to find free hosting for PHP pages than it is
for CGI scripts or ASPs – try:
http:/ /
(Banner ads but easy to access)
http:/ /
(No banners but you must use their dialup)

What software will I need?
To run PHP on your home machine, you will need:
•A webserver – try
http:/ /
(Small, simple, Win32 only) (Xitami webserver)
(Multiplatform, powerful)
http:/ /
(Multiplatform, powerful, widely used)
• The PHP binaries

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