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Samsung Galaxy S2 price in India

Ask me why I was tempted to write a blog on this and I would blame Samsung Galaxy S2 which is driving me wild all this while. It appears a lot more than a mere fascination; perhaps now that I have lived my life with it, I want the world to know that there is something more attractive than an Apple logo which to me is only a logo, offering little substance to the inscribing device. Actually I don’t deny iPhone’s class but when you’re getting a better device at a lower price, then what’s the reason would you give for sticking to that iSeries?

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

One can rightly understand why the smartphone savvy population across the globe goes crazy every time Apple launches a new edition of an iPhone. The gadget has apparently generated huge popularity of late. If the majority notion is to be believed, then an iPhone is head and shoulders above the rest. Even I was for the motion until I came across this very fine device in Samsung Galaxy S2.

Apple’s Asian suppliers to manufacture low-priced iPhone 4

Selling like a hotcake, the most recent Apple property in iPhone 4 will soon be adorning the hands and pockets of many who desperately wanted to own it but were stalled by financial constraints for all this time. The Asian suppliers to Apple Inc. have reportedly started the manufacturing of a lower priced edition of iPhone 4 that holds 8 gigabyte flash drive structure. One of the Korean companies is said to be working on the new version of 8 gigabyte flash drive. In its current process, Apple sources its flash drives from Toshiba in Japan and Samsung Electronics in South Korea.