HTML Reset Button

To learn about HTML reset button you should already know about HTML forms.If you want to learn about HTML forms click on the following-HTML Forms

HTML What Is Reset Button

It is an input form provided in HTML to reset the data entered by the user.When a user clicks on the reset button then all the entries are set to default values.
Here is an example.

Mobile no

Note:Enter values and then click on the reset button to see the change.

HTML Use Of Reset Button

This is a very useful option when a form user wants to add something totally new and want to completely remove all data put into some of the form fields.In such cases a reset button is used.

HTML Creating Reset Button

We have seen what a reset button does and now we will learn how to create a reset button.Here is how to include it in your webpage.

<form action=""><pre>
Username  <input type="text" value="Username" ><br/>
Mobile no <input type="text" value="Mobile number"><br/>
Email-id  <input type="text" value="Email-id"> 
<input type="Submit" name="submit button" value="Submit"><br/>
<input type="Reset"  name="reset button"  value="Reset">

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