How to compile Xcode to run app on your Iphone?

1. Login here -> iOS Dev Center -> log on iOS Dev Center -> iOS Provisioning Portal

2. Left side Panel
Devices (click) - > Add Devices (click) - > Enter Device Name (According your choice) and UDID (in other field) -> Submit

3. Provisioning Profiles -> Find your app provisioning profile -> Edit (Modify) -> check all devices checkboxes for which we have to generate build. -> Submit -> back ->download provisioning profile

4. Go to project -> connect device with mac -> Window -> organizer -> Find Priovisioning profile -> Cilck ->Drag n Drop downloaded provisioning profile here.

5. Back to code ->select device (left on top)->run (device should be attach ate running time) -> wait for moments

6. Left side in classes ->Product->.app file -> Right click -> Reveal in Finder -> two files ->save these two in another folder ->compress-> send