How to create News letter in Drupal

Hi, In my site I need a news letter subscription page with functionality to get the following informations nameSir nameEmail addressOccupation I need newletter creation functionalities also. Which module is usesd for this? Please help me. 

How to create a Social Networking Site like Orkut, MySpace using Open Source Drupal or Elgg?

I was evaluating to build a social networking site using open source stuff like Drupal, Elgg. Elgg provides out of the box functionality for a social networking site like Orkut, Hi5, Myspace, but Drupal is far more flexible. It seems Elgg is not tested and used as much as Drupal. I have been working on Drupal for a long time now and my faith on it has only increased, though, I had to make changes to the code and modules at times.