US military to spy on social sites

With the growing security concerns in the US, the military has been making constant efforts for a period now to further make the environment safer and fine for the masses. The social networking sites are one of those platforms that need to be monitored more closely for better vigilance.

Wine lovers – time to raise a toast!

Great news for all you wine lovers. A team of British scientists has finally made it. It has developed a new technology with which it would be able to detect whether an alcohol produce is fake or genuine. Globally, there is a vast population that fancy drinking the most when it comes to habits and general likings and very often it gets a raw deal while buying a bottle of whisky. The concern would no more be a concern as it now would be able to decipher if it is getting the right value for its money.

Microsoft releases IE 9

Six months after the release of the Internet Explorer’s (IE 9) beta version, Microsoft eventually came up with the final release of the software last Monday. The new web browser is an open source and available for free download in 30 languages at It is specifically meant to be operated on Microsoft’s latest operating systems, Windows 7 and Vista, however the software will not run on Windows XP as the company wants to ‘Push the web forward’.

iPad 2 launch gets delayed in Japan

In the wake of destructive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, almost all the verticals have taken a hit. The Information Technology sector in the country which has a strong hold globally is no stronger.

TCS bags lucrative Dutch deal

At a time when the IT market in India is slowly and steadily opening up after a tough recent period, the prominent players are putting in every effort to cash in on the situation by communicating with as many clients globally.

How to choose a group buying script

The market is flooded with Groupon Clone script. Though most of them make tall claims but the reality is that many of them are quite ordinary. Nothing is more annoying than discovering that the software you bought is full of bugs. Before you decide to shell out the money keep these 4 points in mind and more often than not you will end up making the right decision. Here are certain points to consider before you decide to shell out the money: Ease of Customization:

Nokia builds up for security issues

Things would now be a step easier and safer especially when it comes to security concerns in India. Not just for the local masses but also for the ones traveling to India, the environment would be a lot more carefree. The long time pending government obligation of the email services interception got some move when Nokia confirmed the setting up of its servers for enabling security agencies to monitor its consumer e-mail services.

Movies? Stay rest on Facebook

Now you don’t need to go anywhere if you are socially active on Facebook. Flick lovers would only require surfing the site pages and they would be able to rent or purchase one. Popular Film Studio ‘Warner Brothers’ recently announced that starting Wednesday, it would begin offering movies for rental or purchase on Facebook. The news has generated a great response from the masses which is evident from flooding comments and remarks on various social networking sites.

Now a canine iPhone app

If at all you are having a pet dog and finding it difficult to manage its life, the new-born iPhone app can make it easier for you. A man’s best friend seems to have enough importance and which is perhaps why it’s been taken care of so thoroughly.

Software to filter spam messages

A major problem for a considerable while may now ease up with the development of a new software that would help out the cell phone users by filtering spam SMSs. The telecom war in India is apparently making news globally with every alternative day seeing a new entrant in the sector. Bearing a great potential, the Indian market is getting bulkier with every passing day adding up new numbers to the mobile users data.