It’s time for ‘You Tube’ refurbish

Great news for people into video sharing as Google announces renovation to its highly popular video sharing website, You Tube. The rising popularity of the site along with the objective of giving stiffer competition to other players in the domain, has urged Google to go for a fine tune.

Acer readies to take on Apple, HTC

For the Taiwanese computer maker, Acer, it would be one of the strongest challenges to come out in the middle carrying the all new objective of targeting the Apple and HTC products. With the news of the company’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci stepping down from the post, the company gears up for a fresh business strategy which was earlier revolving around a one off competition to Hewlett-Packard. Apparently, Acer tried its every bit to be the world's largest laptop maker by outselling Hewlett-Packard.

Express mount up for Facebook

On everyone’s lips, it’s only the stuff about the social media giant Facebook and nothing else. Billions across the globe mark their presence on the most popular site in the world everyday and the numbers only appear to swell in the coming times. According to an analysis by brokerage firm Wedbush Securities that analyzes the valuations of private companies, Facebook will have a market value of $234 billion by 2015, up from its current valuation of $85 billion.

Motorola Atrix to slay laptops, iPad

No prizes for guessing as to what’s THAT in the tech world which is making news at the moment. The much popular product from Apple, the iPad 2 is the headline which is being talked out here; however there is something else which is cropping out in tandem building up to a breaking bulletin.

Gadgets get costlier – Japan disaster to blame

At a time when disaster hit Japan is making every possible effort towards rehabilitation and normalcy, the out of control factors are making the situation stiffer and that is not just for the internal operations in the country but also for the socio-economic side outside the region.

The rise and rise and rise of Groupon

Groupon is growing like wild fire and has the distinction of being the fastest growing company in the history of internet. Yes.. it has grown faster than google or myspace or facebook. This infographic captures its crazy crazy growth

You Tube – Getting massively popular

Now the Television would soon have to make some amendments and bring about some revolutionary changes if at all it has to compete with the online players such as You Tube. The six year old video sharing website has become the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It is generating two billion views a day at the moment which is about 50% higher than what it used to a couple of years back.

Lenovo’s LePad set to compete Apple’s iPad

Apple’s iPad was among the biggest launches last year and the fact was corroborated by the sales figure alone that rose to around 15 million iPads generating $10 billion in revenue. With a view to give Apple’s high profile product iPad some competition and aiming at breaking its monopoly in terms of popularity, the Chinese computer giant Lenovo launched its own tablet computer at home making an entry to the much crowded market for Tablet computers.

Masses go berserk – iPad 2 releases in another 25 countries

Apple Inc. went ahead with the predefined schedule of releasing iPad 2 in another 25 countries after its native launch in the US on March 11th. The international launch regions which were due for a release on 25th March were all set up for the product sale as per the original dates. The international launch kicked off in New Zealand, then Australia, and in other countries including France, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Canada and Mexico.

Cellphone based social network to challenge Facebook and others

Facebook and other social networking sites may soon have to work out on a strategy to combat cellphone based social communications providers. Bill Nguyen, the big entrepreneur who sold his last company to Apple in 2009, is launching a new cellphone-based social network which aims to challenge Facebook's dominance in social networking beyond the personal computer.