goes popular with ‘Skills Swapping’ idea

World Wide Web has been offering so much so in the last few decades that it has now gone highly difficult to imagine as to what all one can fetch from this very evolution. Social networking sites are the talk of the day and rightly so, simply because they have so much to offer in terms of various avenues. For instance, in China a site known as has gone vastly popular with the concept of ‘Skills Swapping’.

Usage restrained for Blackberry individuals in UAE

Individuals and small scale businesses will not be able to access the most private data services offered by Blackberry anymore. The same was quoted by one of the local UAE newspapers on Saturday, 16th April. The action taken by United Arab Emirates is sure to make news in the following days to come.

PlayBook initial reviews disappointing

Before the launch on 19th April, it appears to be a serious dent to the hopes of millions across the world who were eagerly waiting for the PlayBook, the much awaited tablet from the Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (RIM), when the recent review published in the New York Times called the product as ‘Half Baked’. Touted as the biggest rival to Apple’s iPad 2 before the news came in, the PlayBook now look to loose ground with every passing day. The launch day would finally give users the chance to speak the last word on the product.

Killing time over for White iPhone seekers

One of the prominent reasons that spells the popularity of Apple products is their smooth designing and sober color outfits. The non-colored White gadgets have always been enticing ever since they have come to the forefront. The much awaited wait for White iPhone would now be over with the suppliers to Apple Inc announcing the production onset for the product.

You Tube to air IPL 4

Cricket fans all across the globe will no longer be requiring a TV set now as the highly popular cricketing extravaganza would now be available on the internet at You Tube. The Indian Premier league is in its 4th edition and would hold over 70 matches in total which would be stretched for about 2 months.

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Larry shuffles around with the Executive team

Not much time has passed since the new CEO has taken over and started off, defining his moves for the most popular company in the world. Quite recently, Larry page, co-founder of Google, the search engine giant, took over from Eric Schmidt as the new CEO. The latter still stays as the executive chairman of the company.

News to ban Gmail, Skype in Russia dismissed

Russia, being a highly sensitive region over the years, especially generating security hazards and tribulations, has always been trying its bit to overcome its global image by overhauling security measures from time to time. Technical endowments, for eternity, are tried and tested numerous times before being incorporated by the country bosses.

PlayBook launch delayed due to iPad 2

According to Digitimes, one of the popular trade tech magazines, revealed as to why Playbook, the product by BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion (RIM) got late in hitting the stores. Since RIM's assembly partners were also committed to supplying touchscreen panels to Apple for its iPad 2, they didn't have enough supplies to meet its demand.

How does Groupon Work

Groupoun is a group buying website which offers huge discount on everything from Spa, to teeth whitening to meals. Everyday Groupon features a unique deal which becomes active only if a minimum number of people purchase that deal. This business model has become a rage and has made Groupon the fastest growing Internet Company in the history of mankind. Its growth rate has exceeded that of Google and Facebook. This has given rise to a lots and lots of clones, LivingSocial etc are some companies imitating the Groupon model.