Facebook starts deals program, to contend with Groupon

Looking at the growing popularity and enormous business potential Groupon carries, the social networking giant, Facebook, intends to launch a ‘deals program’. The same is expected to be launched on Tuesday, starting with five cities in the United States. The group-couponing services have become some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world in the recent times.

Samsung strikes back – litigates Apple

Samsung Electronics Co. has not wasted a minute after Apple came out with a lawsuit against the company over copying its iPhone and iPad products. Not even a week has surpassed and the former has reverted by taking a legal action against Apple Inc. saying that the iPhone and iPad infringe Samsung's 10 mobile technology patents. The company further asked it to stop infringing its technology and compensate against the same.

Blackberry banks on Verizon, AT&T for PlayBook sales

After an opening that has been termed as ‘Big’ by the industry experts, Blackberry now ropes in Verizon and AT&T to further surge the sales of its latest Tablet. On the very first day itself, the entity sold around 50K units of PlayBook. The aforementioned mobile service providers in the US and Canada serve not only as service suppliers but also as retail stores for mobile devices for smart phone makers.

Good sales opening for PlayBook despite negative reviews

One may not term the sales figure of Playbook very encouraging on the first day though, which is close to 50K units, however the company officials and even the industry experts believe that it was a big opening despite the fact that the air was full of negative reviews just before the launch.

How to choose a Daily Deal Software?

The market is flooded with daily deals software. Though most of them make tall claims but the reality is that many of them are quite ordinary. Nothing is more annoying than discovering that the software you bought is full of bugs. Before you decide to shell out the money keep these 4 points in mind and more often than not you will end up making the right decision. Here are certain points to consider before you decide to shell out the money: Ease of Customization:

Apple gearing up for the next iPhone version

Tech extremists, especially people who are under complete influence of Apple products, can now rejoice with the latest piece of news. Apple Inc. is all set to ship its new iPhone coming September. Though the plans have not yet made public, however one can surely expect to hear description on the same in the next few days.

Apple takes Samsung to court over Galaxy range

In an attempt to ensure that it keeps complete control over the market for smartphones and tablet PCs, Apple Inc. is doing every bit for making the ground slippery for its competitors, though the latest claim by the entity may well come out as indisputable. Apple has sued rival, Samsung Electronics claiming that Samsung's Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablet "slavishly" copies the iPhone and iPad, according to the filing.

Facebook tries again for advertising – Users’ data to be used

Talking about the first stint to make money from the advertisers, it was a apparently a failure for the social networking giant, Facebook. In 2007, it rolled out Beacon, which broadcast information on Facebook about users' activities and purchases elsewhere on the Web without their permission, however it was a complete let down for the entity. Now the site is up with the try again.

Watch out for India and China – next big Techies

Slowly but steadily, the pace appears just about fine for India and China. Especially looking at the speed at which the world is moving ahead in terms of Technical progression, it would be an understatement if the aforementioned economies are still touted as developing markets.

Stance changed – UAE says, Blackberry services will continue

The latest piece of news has given a sigh of relief to Individual blackberry users in UAE. Of late, it was reported that the country would stop individuals and small businesses from accessing the most private data services offered by BlackBerry, however the posture has been changed and the United Arab Emirates' telecommunications agency has said that BlackBerry smartphone services would remain available in the country for all.