Skype deal done smartly – Microsoft saved on the consultancy fee

Skype deal can easily be termed as one of the most prominent pacts in the recent times, especially looking at all the acquisitions done in the tech domain lately. Inside sources say that the transaction has been done very smartly, specifically as the top officials have been drawing the outline of the agreement well before it was executed. Microsoft reportedly has saved close to 25 to 30 million dollars by not deploying any advisor to the deal.

It's Google after Amazon – To launch Online Music Service

Succeeding Amazon’s footprints, which in April this year launched an online music service, Google, in all certainty, would be coming up with a similar music service on the web very soon. The initiative would bring in with better choices for the internet users while they intend to utilize their free time listening to some vocals and instrumentals. The information was unveiled by the Wall Street journal which had some prior knowledge about the project plan.

Most Valuable Brand ? Now Apple deposes Google

According to a new study by global brands agency Millward Brown, Apple Inc. has now ended the saga which was led by Google for four years in a row by becoming the world’s most valuable brand. The search engine giant Google was apparently rated higher in another poll which was recently conducted by Harris Interactive based on Top corporate reputations. Only last year, Apple Inc, overtook Microsoft in the category of world's most valuable technology companies. The two most popular Apple brands, iPhone and iPad have solely taken the brand value of the entity to 153 billion dollars.

Google tops in ‘Repute’ poll, Apple rated 5th

The outcome wasn’t surprising when on Tuesday; ‘Harris Interactive’ revealed the results of the recently conducted poll regarding reputations of major corporations in US. Google was ranked as number 1 in the survey whereas Berkshire Hathaway was dethroned to number 4th in the list. Google was apparently third in the last year’s public opinion poll. According to Robert Fronk of Harris, “The poll of more than 30,000 people revealed ‘positive momentum’ in how the public views corporations, with opinions overall becoming steadily more favorable since 2009”.

New Blackberry smartphones to use Bing

Bing’s comparison with Google is an evaluation that is hard to comprehend and perhaps too harsh for the former in terms of market assessment. This is especially when Google is way ahead of Microsoft’s Bing, both in popularity and efficacy levels. With the news coming out on Tuesday that the new smartphones by Research in Motion (RIM) would be using Microsoft’s Bing, a large strata of technology population has been pleased, more specifically the people who have been MS and Blackberry patrons for years.

RIM introduces thinnest BB bold smartphones

Blackberry users can further wait for a while, in the interim rejoicing on the news of RIM coming up with a couple of new smartphone versions. Research In Motion (RIM) on Monday unveiled two new BlackBerry Bold smart phones at its annual BlackBerry World conference. The Canadian company also unveiled its new BlackBerry 7 operating system.

Twitter shells out $50 million to acquire TweetDeck

Bloggers’ first love Twitter announced on Monday that it has taken over TweetDeck in a deal that is worth 50 million dollars. One of the other tech sources also confirmed the same. "Twitter has acquired TweetDeck," technology blog 'TechCruch' reported on the news appending inputs from a source with knowledge of the deal. The transaction details would be further announced in a few days.

Apple Inc. now second most valuable comp.

Quite clearly, Apple Inc. that was known to only thousands back in 1997, has taken off the technology world by storm. Consumer technology companies reporting financial results this week, revealed that the entity has now become the world’s second most valuable company after Exxon Mobil Corporation. On April 20th last month, Apple Inc. reported a net income of $5.99 billion for the January-to-March period, that is nearly double that of a year ago.

Facebook users in India now over 25 million

In a country that boasts of more than 100 million internet users and holds a position that takes a seat at number 3 in the world for the highest number of online users, technological progression is something which is inevitable, a trend that is foreseeable and not surprising.

iPad 2 finally hits stores in Japan

The long wait eventually came to an end when the much awaited, perhaps the most sought after tech gadget at present, Apple’s iPad 2, arrived in Japan. The Japanese launch was originally scheduled for March 25th, however it wasn’t made in time since the regional attention was seriously focused towards the aftermaths of the recent earthquake and tsunami.