Facebook launches ‘Business’ page

At a time when Google is cleaning up all the company profiles on its Google plus social network, Facebook has come to the foray, raiding the map with its first ever appearance to serve as an online business education center. On Tuesday, the company launched a new webpage that would act as an information guide, helping the small scale businesses to use the social networking site. The online business guide would contain point wise information on things like profile page creation, formation of targeted ads & deals and online interaction with customer feedback.

Can Wordpress be used to create a Job Site?

Wordpress is an amazingly flexible CMS. It made humble beginnings as a blog engine but has since grown in a complete Content Management System. Wordpress can be used to create social networking website, A Magazine Like Website, An Article Directory and even a Job site. Not many Jobsites are powered with wordpress but still it can be used to create a fairly advanced Job Site. Job Board Plugin Wordpress Job Manager is an open source plugin for creating advanced job sites with wordpress.

Google strengthens on Intellectual Property with Wireless Telephony portfolio

News of the day is that Google Inc. is now planning to buy the U.S. wireless chip technology entity, InterDigital, that is with the view to enhance its patent collection.   The piece of information is indisputably interesting as the flurry of attractive compositions keep flowing in with every alternative day.    

HTC filed again – Apple patent claims go past five

In hindsight, one can clearly comment that Apple has started feeling the heat, meaning the temperature is rising with every sunrise. It seems the legal clouds have completely taken over the battleground and are all set to come up with some water. In a series of claims, Apple has filed HTC again over patent rights, this time during the business hours earlier today. With this, the contention between the two has further aggravated, depicting some real competition in the coming times.

Google Pull out in China makes way for MS

Not many in the tech biz are surprised as the ‘much awaited’ finally happened when Microsoft broke in with the chance by filling in the empty gap, which apparently a year and a half ago, was left abandoned by Google. The latter withdrew its services in China after screaming concerns about censorship in several of its regions. Microsoft has pitched in with the opportunity of uniting with Baidu.com to offer web search services in English, deploying its search engine ‘Bing’.

Facebook Outdoes Microsoft in Britain : reveals UKOM/Neilson

In Britain, until now it was Microsoft that was leading the way with only Google to catch up in terms of ‘Website visits’, however now its Facebook, though for the first time, that has replaced the second spot in the list beating all the Microsoft sites combined. The report was made public by UKOM/Neilson recently which is among the prominent online gauging entities in the world. With this, Facebook has been tagged as the second most popular site in Britain, a fact that looks like a trend and aiming to last long.

Sega robbed off – 1.29 million customer data stolen

The toast time for the hackers’ community appears to continue till wee hours and rightly so, they have a reason to celebrate which adds another feather to their caps and this time around, it’s the Japanese Gaming giant, Sega, that has lost the plot. The personal information of over 1.29 million Sega users was hacked off by some smart computer experts over the weekend. This apparently has been one of the biggest security blows in the recent times.

Facebook plans to incorporate Twitter like feature – In testing now

If at all there were good reasons for some to visit Twitter every morning and evening, they would now be persuaded by their old daddy to stay on and not leave for the fact that they enjoy this special feature which lets people share what they are thinking, doing, or seeing and that too instantly, in messages of 140 or fewer characters.

How to create coming soon page in Wordpress- for Free

Before we launched Appointpress, we created a coming soon page for it. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a coming soon page with wordpress.

After Sitemaps, its Schema – Google, MS, Yahoo gather again

Almost after 5 years, the top of the ladder players in the global web arena, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have again pitched in close, this time to launch Schema.org that aims at improving web search efficacy levels. Earlier in 2006, it was Sitemaps.org that helped in standardizing sitemap protocols. The move was widely acknowledged across all spheres as the event looks to be one out of many, solely based on harmony in contrast to much heated technology battle. The three entities in Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing) and Google have launched a site called Schema.org that constitutes of a common set of HTML tags which webmasters would use to mark up structured data on their sites. Schema.org has around 100 different HTML tags for structured data categories such as events, places, people, organizations, products, music, movies and TV shows. "We are announcing schema.org, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages," Google said. Via the new site, the owners and developers would be able to gather info about structured data and improve how their sites show up in major search engines output. The objective is to be a ‘one place for all’ for webmasters looking to append markup to their pages. Most of the sites are produced from structured data that is often stored in databases. While this data is formatted into HTML it becomes stiffer to recover the original structured data. Be this occurrence a one time effort after a long lull, the happening would surely bring about long term benefits for one and all, hooking to the internet, starving for that much needed information.