Samsung Galaxy S2 price in India

Ask me why I was tempted to write a blog on this and I would blame Samsung Galaxy S2 which is driving me wild all this while. It appears a lot more than a mere fascination; perhaps now that I have lived my life with it, I want the world to know that there is something more attractive than an Apple logo which to me is only a logo, offering little substance to the inscribing device. Actually I don’t deny iPhone’s class but when you’re getting a better device at a lower price, then what’s the reason would you give for sticking to that iSeries?

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

One can rightly understand why the smartphone savvy population across the globe goes crazy every time Apple launches a new edition of an iPhone. The gadget has apparently generated huge popularity of late. If the majority notion is to be believed, then an iPhone is head and shoulders above the rest. Even I was for the motion until I came across this very fine device in Samsung Galaxy S2.

Apple’s Asian suppliers to manufacture low-priced iPhone 4

Selling like a hotcake, the most recent Apple property in iPhone 4 will soon be adorning the hands and pockets of many who desperately wanted to own it but were stalled by financial constraints for all this time. The Asian suppliers to Apple Inc. have reportedly started the manufacturing of a lower priced edition of iPhone 4 that holds 8 gigabyte flash drive structure. One of the Korean companies is said to be working on the new version of 8 gigabyte flash drive. In its current process, Apple sources its flash drives from Toshiba in Japan and Samsung Electronics in South Korea.

Taiwanese Computer firm MSI to introduce economy tablets in India

Gains and pluses seem to spell the current stance for the Tech population in emerging India. The developing kingdom is no stranger for the world market as it continues to reflect the technological progression in various spheres. Equally aware are the exterior players which are persistent with their focus at the Indian bazaar. This was evident last week as the Taiwanese firm MSI declared to launch a low cost tablet series called ‘Enjoy’, at a meager amount which would be a rupee less than 14k.

Facebook launches ‘Business’ page

At a time when Google is cleaning up all the company profiles on its Google plus social network, Facebook has come to the foray, raiding the map with its first ever appearance to serve as an online business education center. On Tuesday, the company launched a new webpage that would act as an information guide, helping the small scale businesses to use the social networking site. The online business guide would contain point wise information on things like profile page creation, formation of targeted ads & deals and online interaction with customer feedback.

Can Wordpress be used to create a Job Site?

Wordpress is an amazingly flexible CMS. It made humble beginnings as a blog engine but has since grown in a complete Content Management System. Wordpress can be used to create social networking website, A Magazine Like Website, An Article Directory and even a Job site. Not many Jobsites are powered with wordpress but still it can be used to create a fairly advanced Job Site. Job Board Plugin Wordpress Job Manager is an open source plugin for creating advanced job sites with wordpress.

Google strengthens on Intellectual Property with Wireless Telephony portfolio

News of the day is that Google Inc. is now planning to buy the U.S. wireless chip technology entity, InterDigital, that is with the view to enhance its patent collection.   The piece of information is indisputably interesting as the flurry of attractive compositions keep flowing in with every alternative day.    

HTC filed again – Apple patent claims go past five

In hindsight, one can clearly comment that Apple has started feeling the heat, meaning the temperature is rising with every sunrise. It seems the legal clouds have completely taken over the battleground and are all set to come up with some water. In a series of claims, Apple has filed HTC again over patent rights, this time during the business hours earlier today. With this, the contention between the two has further aggravated, depicting some real competition in the coming times.

Google Pull out in China makes way for MS

Not many in the tech biz are surprised as the ‘much awaited’ finally happened when Microsoft broke in with the chance by filling in the empty gap, which apparently a year and a half ago, was left abandoned by Google. The latter withdrew its services in China after screaming concerns about censorship in several of its regions. Microsoft has pitched in with the opportunity of uniting with to offer web search services in English, deploying its search engine ‘Bing’.

Facebook Outdoes Microsoft in Britain : reveals UKOM/Neilson

In Britain, until now it was Microsoft that was leading the way with only Google to catch up in terms of ‘Website visits’, however now its Facebook, though for the first time, that has replaced the second spot in the list beating all the Microsoft sites combined. The report was made public by UKOM/Neilson recently which is among the prominent online gauging entities in the world. With this, Facebook has been tagged as the second most popular site in Britain, a fact that looks like a trend and aiming to last long.