Spyfu review: Great SEO Tool for Keyword & Competitor Research

SpyFu is a great keyword & competitor research as well as backlink analysis tool that will help you further optimize your organic and paid search campaigns.

Purevpn vs Hidemyass Review

VPN known as Virtual Private Network is a technology to add security to your public as well as private network. VPN is widely used by corporations, institutions, agencies for users to connect their network securely. Now if you wants to comes up with the best VPN to use, here are the two options purevpn and hidemyass. To measure which one is more suitable to use here is the comparison of purevpn vs hidemyass on simply each imaginable metric one can arrive with the points on how they function. Different selling proposition:

Top 10 Challenges Faced By a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an ideal job for those who likes writing and prefer having flexibility. However, this is not a job for every skilled writer because it has its own set of challenges. Good writing skills is not the only thing required for this work. A freelancer has to look for good clients also. Its a common perception, that a person with good writing skills can become a good freelance writer. However, it's just the half-battle won. A freelancer must be ready to face different challenges that comes his way and must learn how to overcome them.

Top 5 Things Freelancers Should Know About Sales

Having excellent technical knowledge is only the start to a great career as a freelancer. Although some freelancers may not understand every thing that is involved, they will often find out very quickly that sales is an essential part of their new job position. If the freelancer does not have or doesn't acquire effective sales skills, it can be a swift exodus to the close of a promising career.

Top 10 Mistakes When Outsourcing Work To Freelancers

Small and large companies are taking advantage of outsourcing many different types of tasks and projects to freelancers today. As technology advances and more people are working at home for themselves, this trend is becoming increasingly more common to those who are now part of this new worldwide industry. Although this latest trend can be advantageous to both the freelancer and the company, there are at least 10 mistakes that can be made by a company when they are outsourcing their work. Listed below are ten of the top mistakes made:

Top 5 Web Conferencing Tools For Freelancers

Web-conferencing software tools has really changed the way how people communicate over the web now. You can fine online meeting software reviews all over the internet. One of the most recommended tools available today is GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting reviews are wonderful and it provides many robust features with itself.

Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancing Is The Hardest Job In The World

Freelancing is not as easy as perceived by many people. People think that freelancers just sit in front of the computers and do a little work to earn huge amount of money. This is a myth and freelancing as a career requires hard work and dedication to show results. Freelancing is one of the toughest and unstable jobs. The income levels may vary too as one month you make a lot of money and the next you hardly make any money and struggle to pay your bills. The initial phase of a freelancer's career is most challenging and things tend to get a bit easier with experience.

Top 10 reasons Why Freelancing Might Not Be Your Dream Job

Many times people dream of working for themselves instead of working in corporate job positions. Due to all of the long hours and bad bosses that makes everyday living extra hard, the desire to quit and start a business can become stronger as time passes. Although every individual has their own personal reasons for working as a freelancer, many people have some of the same reasons in common (i.e. performing a job that they enjoy). However, listed below are ten things that the freelancer should be aware of before they quit their corporate job positions.

Top 10 Reasons Why Freelancing Has Job Security

Freelancing has several advantages and is a lucrative alternative to a traditional job. Freelancing can be a great career option as it provides you with better job security. The fact is that if you have the talent and the skill set you can survive even in the most competitive job markets. If you have a talent which is in demand you can easily find a job irrespective of the condition of the economy or job market.

Why be so unprofessional, Freelancer?

Anybody who wants to become a freelancer must understand that freelancing is a very serious job that requires as much dedication as regular office job. Also, it requires a lot of commitment and same amount of time and energy. Sadly, image of freelancers have come out as a last and risky option. They are often considered to be unreliable in their work along-with being problematic in nature. Let us try to see why freelancers don’t earn respect from clients and can such problems be prevented.